About Us

ARSKOM Group of companies, offers complete turn-key software and communication solutions, mainly focusing on the marine industry. ARSKOM has been a well known, well established company that is capable of the producing projects using the latest technologies, installation and maintenance services during its 28 years in the market. ARSKOM also deals with international trading and financial activites mainly in Turkey but also in Europe and Middle East.

ARSKOM is the silver partner of Inmarsat, the first mobile satellite communication operator in the world and elite partner of Astrium a company that incorporates some of the most advanced design, manufacture and test facilities in the space industry.

ARSKOM offers the most reliable, convenient and qualified solution in the bussines and the distributor of many international corporation in addition to its works in software technologies with its total 30 personnel:

ARSKOM’s area of expertise is:

  • Software Solutions for banking automation, hotels and restaurants
  • Automation of Interactive TV systems, ERP (enterprise resource planning), Fleet & Vehicle Tracking Systems
  • Satellite Communication Solutions
  • Marine Navigational and Satellite communication systems and technical consultancy
  • Shore based maintenance certification
  • Consumer Electronics (LCD TV, Monitor,)


  • Strategic Partner of INMARSAT and PSA (Point of Service Activation) (PSA 3077) for activation /deactivation operation center for the vessels for 90 flag countries
  • MAA (Maritime Accounting Authority-AAIC:GB40)
  • ASTRIUM ELITE Solution Partner (ISP8430)
  • THRANE&THRANE, SAILOR RSC(Regional Service Center)
  • Techical Service Provider authorised by Undersecretariat of Maritime Affairs
  • Distribution Partner for SEATEL(COBHAM)
  • NSSL Representative
  • Distributor/partner of all the companies mentioned on next page

Company Milestones

Group Companies

ARSKOM Computer Consultancy & Trading Ltd.
This is the mother company of the group which was established in 1986. It focuses on trading and finance operations for the group’s companies such as exporting / importing, accounting, finance, logistics etc..

ARSKOM Marine & Shipping Trading Ltd.

ARSKOM MARINE specializes in trading, installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment and electronic navigational devices for the deep sea vessels and passenger ships as well as for sailing and fishing boats.


ARSKOM Satellite Techn. Services&Trade Ltd.

ARSKOM Satellite Technology Services & Trade Ltd. İs GMPCS and STH certified Company that provides airtime services for more than 2000 commercial vessels,  Turkish Navy Force and part of the Land Forces.

Company Policy


  • ARSKOM’s goal is being the number one organization to be remembered and trusted in its sector.
  • ARSKOM’s mission is to provide high technology Information and Communication solutions to government and private companies by developing in-house solutions or bringing latest world leading technologies.


  • Following technological developments in the world and use them combining our 25 years of experience To create user-friendly, integrated solutions with best possible prices
  • To contribute the customers to become “Number 1” in their sector,
  • To offer complete solutions to its customers
  • To focus on “trade analysis” and “project development”,
  • To reflect all technological innovations to the projects involved
  • 7 days / 24 hours customer care.